A belated Happy Birthday Madiba

The call to action:

18 July. 67 minutes. Make a difference.

A call for volunteers to give up 67 minutes of their time to do something for those less fortunate than themselves.

Brilliant! A certain talk show host was doing this project at a school and a day care centre in Pretoria – could I be involved I asked, were they painting a mural? Mmm no, but you can paint a mural if you would like to he replied? *super excited*

(Inkululeko Day Care Centre is in Pretoria. This Centre provides quality pre-school education to sixty 3-6 year old children. 99% of the children come from disadvantaged backgrounds.)

The 18th rolled around and the walls were being painted and repaired and so would not be ready for the mural *very disappointed*

Finally a new date that worked for everyone and how apt that it should be on Spring Day! *happy dance*

1 September. Lots of hours of painting and fun. Made a difference.

And here it is, our mural, depicting Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, a quirky snail called Sunny, and the blue bird of happiness:



A great big thank you to my super talented painting partner and sister, Kim Ruperto of KD Web Design, and of course my beautiful Raynbow.

Here’s wishing all of the children and teachers at Inkululeko a very happy and colourful Spring Day, and of course, a happy belated birthday Madiba.


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