The promise of renewal, the anticipation of the lime green haze of leaves that will soon change the bare blonde and grey world around me into a place where anything is possible fills my heart with a renewed love of life.

The temperatures are inching higher; everywhere in my garden I can see small changes, the swelling of a node, the brave new leaves just below the surface bursting to be free and to feel the bright spring sunshine.

The hydrangeas have the first of their new leaves, there are buds everywhere and the early fruit trees are already covered in blossoms. The jasmine creeper has a couple of sprigs of flowers and once those open I will truly know it is spring, when the heady smell of jasmine fills the air and we dine by candle light on the patio, feeling the warmth of the day rise up from the floor into our bare feet.

Welcome beautiful spring, welcome.

Spring Blossoms
Spring Blossoms

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