To Haenertsburg we go

Haenertsburg main road
Quaint shops whisper… come in and discover our treasures

Haenertsburg lies hidden in the misty mountains between Polokwane (Pietersburg) and Tzaneen.

There is something otherworldly about this beautiful place, as mist and magic always seem to go together, if only in my imagination.

Misty mountain view
Misty mountain view

Majestic forests line winding roads and St Josephs lilies grow wild. The trees have a secret, a silent knowledge of the way of the world, they look on as the seasons change, and visitors come and go.


The geese hurry along on important business. Their pace, almost out of place, here where time seems to stand still.

Wegraakbosch geese
Early morning traffic at Wegraakbosch organic farm

Visit Wegraakbosch organic cheese farm, wander through their terraced veggie garden, marvel at the very tall purple beans, milk the goats, swing on the monkey swing, or have a chat to Francisco as he makes a new batch of delicious cheese.

Wegraakbosch organic cheese
Wegraakbosch organic cheese…yummy 🙂

On the road again, the sweeping views seem to have no end, as forest gives way to tea plantation.

Tea Estate
Tea Estate

Pekoe View is well worth a visit; from the tea garden you can admire the expansive tea estate, have a bite to eat and sample the Pekoe View punch under the shade of the huge old trees.

Pekoe View
Pekoe View

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