Winter Craft School, textile printing

A little while ago, Raynbow and I were lucky enough to go on an artistic adventure to a place of magic and creativity. Find more information about Winter Craft School here:

2013-07-05 09.40.49We both enrolled in the Textile Design and Printing course, run by the fabulous Judith Oppler. Judith is warm and inspiring, a patient and gifted teacher and I look forward to working with her again.

Our first cloth was produced using torn news print, placed in a pattern directly on the cloth, using the screen size as the guideline.

The screen is placed over the design and the paint is forced through the screen, using a squeegee (a flat flexible paddle, like the ones used for grouting) the places where the newsprint pattern were, are white and the paint is in the spaces between.

Here are our first two cloths:


IMG-20130702-01208We then went on to learn about making templates with plastic transparencies which are more durable, allowing you to wash your screen between colours, and also to re-use the template.

Have a look at the process here – you can see the screen with the vine in the top left of the picture, along with the squeegee resting on the newspaper.

Printing the second screen over the background

Hand screen printed fabric

Hand Screen printed fabric

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and have subsequently bought a screen of my own and some paint. I am busy with my first design ideas and will be sharing my first solo printed project soon 🙂


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