Waldorf Doll making

I am completely smitten with Waldorf Dolls! I have admired them at markets and on line and recently decided to take the plunge and make a doll of my own.

Waldorf dolls are really special as each one is lovingly hand crafted and made with all natural fibers, even the stuffing should be made of natural material, like sheep wool. The style of the face and head is very distinctive and the end result is just beautiful!

So without further a-do here are some pictures of how “Daisy” the Waldorf doll came into this world:Outer headThe Head is quite tricky as it has an inner and outer skin, which gives the head its distinctive shape.

head, body, legsDaisy has moveable arms and legs. Her body and limbs are stuffed with newly carded sheep wool, which makes her soft and warm to the touch.

Attaching hairHere she is at the “hairdresser” having her very special hair put on – her hair is made of hand spun, hand dyed wool.

DaisyAnd here she is – Daisy Doll – all dressed up and ready to be loved!

I made her for me, but my daughter has claimed Daisy, so I guess I shall have to make her a sister or brother!


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