Yarn Indaba 2014


The house that Jack built is one of the cottages at Sequoia Gardens, situated just outside Haenertsburg. The cottage is well equipped and comfortable and the grounds are exquisite, I could have spent the entire weekend just gazing out the window in the lounge at the dam in front of the cottage or going for... Continue Reading →

To Haenertsburg we go

Haenertsburg lies hidden in the misty mountains between Polokwane (Pietersburg) and Tzaneen. There is something otherworldly about this beautiful place, as mist and magic always seem to go together, if only in my imagination. Majestic forests line winding roads and St Josephs lilies grow wild. The trees have a secret, a silent knowledge of the... Continue Reading →

A belated Happy Birthday Madiba

The call to action: 18 July. 67 minutes. Make a difference. A call for volunteers to give up 67 minutes of their time to do something for those less fortunate than themselves. Brilliant! A certain talk show host was doing this project at a school and a day care centre in Pretoria - could I... Continue Reading →


The promise of renewal, the anticipation of the lime green haze of leaves that will soon change the bare blonde and grey world around me into a place where anything is possible fills my heart with a renewed love of life. The temperatures are inching higher; everywhere in my garden I can see small changes,... Continue Reading →

Spring flowers

Spring flowers view over the lands to the Magaliesburg mountain range in the distance. Plum blossoms hold the promise of early summer fruit. Poppy's vie for attention A wave of fragrance and a riot of Forget-me-nots greet you at the door. Lime green Celtis leaves, bright blue African sky, African Daisies bob and weave in... Continue Reading →

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